Sunday, September 27, 2015

Michael DeBrosse - Potential Pantomime

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share 2 clips that I had previously worked on that I think would be a good base for a pantomime.

In the first clip I really want to build this out as a man in a candy shop. He decides to steal and sneak a sour ball into his mouth from a container on a shelf. He dose not realize how sour it is until its too late and he needs to turn away to hide his expression from the employee standing close to him.

The 2nd Clip has dialog attached to it but due to its harsh language I would like a chance to turn this into a pantomime. My vision is that the main character is a father who has just walked into the bathroom in the morning after his son or daughter has finished using it. It has a distinct odor that he smells after entering the room and quickly turns to give his child a scolding look of discontentment. I would like to change this to add more character as it seems to be lacking uniqueness in the character actions.

A new piece if I shouldn't use these bases is the idea of a homeless man waiting in a line for some soup. He has not eaten in a while so this soup is very important to him considering this is the only thing he might eat all day. As its poured into his cup, he quickly smells it as if this is the best food he has ever smelled and then decides

1. to delicately place it down on his tray

2. or continues to smell it and quickly realizes how bad it actually is and quickly turns to a look of disgust.

Let me know what you think of these options.




  1. Hi Mike,
    I really like the idea of the first one - trying to conceal the sourness. I think this will make for some fun contrasts and humor.

  2. Hey Mike! If you go with the first idea, you could even add a couple seconds of the guy stealing some other candy first, putting it in his pocket, jacket, or even eating it. Then when he pops the sour ball into his mouth and reacts, it throws him off his rhythm of stealing things. That way you establish a goal, and then give him an obstacle while he's trying to accomplish it.

    It's going to be really cool!