Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rami- blocking revision

Hey class!

Some revised blocking here.

Thanks in advance for any notes!


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  1. Hi Rami, this is coming along well and is feeling more natural. I see you introduced a little ritual movement with the drum sticks as he gets up. I think this is a cool idea, but it is rushed and it took me a few times watching it to figure out what it was. This may be because of the stepped blocking, but I suspect it will feel rushed in splines, too. Removing the nose wipe would help. Either way, there are too many ideas in too short a time from 40-73. I like how he discovers the bottle now, but it feels like it stops him dead in his tracks. You can keep the timing on the head and face the same, but give his body a little longer to decelerate and stop. Wrote some other notes on the clip as well. Keep going!