Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blocking Revision- Rami

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good week.

I have two versions of this shot, I cant really decide on which one to go with, so any opinions will help. I'm leaning towards the first one.

Also there was one note I got from a couple of people at CTN that said the spinning the drumsticks felt like he was more confident than agitated. I was wondering if you all thought the same thing. I changed the instrument to a guitar now and had him interact with it differently, but I was curious what your thoughts on that was too.

All other notes are welcome too! Thanks in advance!


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  1. Hi Rami,
    Of these two I prefer the first version, as I find the second version to be too broad. I think both versions need to me more contained, more internal. You don't need to have him react so big when he here's the "15 minutes" call. As for props, I preferred the drumstick version, because it gave him something to do while he was waiting. The biting of the knuckle feels too extreme and out of character to me - I think you need to find some other business for him if you're going with the guitar. Either way, it's weird that he picks up the guitar and then leaves it behind. Maybe you could have him pick it up with one hand and hold on to it, then use the other hand for the bottle. The head shake is working much better and I like the attitudes when he sniffs the bottle and puts it down. Any way you can hide the bottle cap?