Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rami - notes from class

Hey everyone, here's a update on my shot after the notes from class.

I was curious if her head rotate screen right, when she says "nothings wrong", feels like too much is going on at that moment; or if it feels fine. It's just what I kept acting out when my head settled from the weight shift as well as trying to accent the dialogue just a bit.

Thanks in advance, see you all Wednesday!

I know its tomorrow, but, happy early birthday Victor!



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  2. Hey Ravi,

    I like the the head rotation, it's cute, my only 2 notes would be there is an eye dart happening same time with the head rotation you can offset them? And the other note is, head position at frame 123 and 149 feels the same, as in, the head rotates and gets back exactly where it was before it's also similar to the one at frame 100, maybe instead you can use the head position at frame 138-139 a little tilted towards screen right, when it's settling after "nothing's wrong".

    Hope it makes sense. And see what others say.


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  4. Hi Rami, this is looking great. Hips working much better when she moves away from him. I put a bunch of little polish notes on syncsketch. They should keep you busy!
    Thanks for birthday wish!