Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dialog Samples-help me pick :)

Hey Guys,

Here are some dialog samples I found. My favorite ones are, 3, 6, 1, 8. I wonder which one you will pick.



  1. Hi Selen,
    Nice subtle dialog choices. I'm curious to hear your ideas for the context. Do you imagine all of these as 2 characters shots? I like 1, 3, and 8, but they're way too long. Cut them down to 7 seconds or less.

    1. Hey Victor,

      Thanks! I want to put 2 characters even of the 2nd character is just listening. So far I focused on what these character mean to each other.

      1st one the girl is wishing for the guy to love her or for them to be together but it seems impossible. they could be outside seeing a shooting star, or maybe she just tossed a coin to a well, or blew one single candle on a cupcake it's their private birthday celebration.

      The 8th one, again I am picturing a couple, I need to think further on what he is referring to when he says "I want you to do this", but whatever that is, after that they can't be together.

      The 3rd one so far I vaguely know the character had a tough past, but he overcame all the difficulties and accepted the things he couldn't change and just happy with his life the way it is. But I didn't decide who he's talking to and where he is. He could be a mountain climber taking a break on a mountain or a veteran or a homeless guy. Any suggestions?