Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hi Everyone,

This is a dialog shot that I worked on with victor last semester that I would like to finish up.

The scenario is a lonely man that visits this bar quite often. He's kicked back a drink and now hes describing the holidays to the bar tender.

The mouth is just up and down right now so my next task is to really dial into those mouth expressions and mouth shapes of the dialog.

 Let me know your thoughts and feedback.



  1. Hey Mike, nice scenario.

    I think my main thing with this shot is that his body language doesn't change after she kisses him. I feel like he wouldn't still be slouched on the bar after the kiss.

    Same thing with his eyelids, I think they could use variation between that first beat and last beat of the shot. His eyelids are droopy on the first beat and then get droopy at the end.

    Also something stood out to me about how he got kissed and didn't look to see who kissed him.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Mike, I did a drawing for they eyes at the end. Looking at this shot after having been away from it for so long, I agree with Rami's comment about changing the body more after the kiss. You could just lift him out of the slouch a bit and maybe slide the hand to a different position on the face.