Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cody - Pantomime Blocking+

Hey everyone!

I've been working more on my shot this week, trimming the beginning and end, fixing some staging problems, and trying to convey how he feels after the initial reaction of surprise. There are a couple things I'm not sure about.

Now that I look at the playblast, the timing seems a little slow to me. Maybe it's just because I haven't polished up the physical stuff, or because he's an old man. Maybe I've just been looking at it too long. What do you guys think about the timing?

I'm also not sure about some of the phrases. I'm trying to set it up like Victor said last week, where we see his initial surprise, see him recalling memories, and then see how he feels about those memories. Is it getting across, or should I push it a little further? Any pose, timing, or acting notes would be really helpful. Thanks guys!


  1. Hey Cody, its looking good!

    The timing feel fine to me, mainly I think its because he's an old guy. For the phrases, I feel like they are working nicely.

    When he does that beat when closes his eyes shut, at frame 138 and holds it until 167, I think it would be nice to hold that close about 4 more frames.

    From frame 82 until the end of the shot I think you can push those subtle eyebrow shape changes more. The shape feels a little similar from frame 82 until the end.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Cody,
    I think the timing is working pretty well, I guess I was just expecting more of an emotional pay-off, based on how you originally pitched the scene. Right now his final attitude reads to me as "huh, that's funny". I though you were going to go for something like "I miss her" or "this is more painful than I expected. Unlike Rami, I don't care for the section with the eyes closed, because I can't tell what he's thinking there. I'm not opposed to him closing his eyes, as long as I know what motivates it.