Sunday, November 1, 2015


Hey everyone,

Happy Halloween! Here is a link for my ip version of the dialog animation.

I'd appreciate if you guys could check and let me know if there is any part where it is unappealing or out of character or pushed too much, or maybe a part that needs to be pushed more.

I need to work lot more on it, especially on the last 100 frames. It would be great if I could get some feedback to know if I am going on the right direction. Any feedback/sketches will be appreciated, feel free to state the obvious mistakes too, I might have missed it or haven't worked on it yet but either way it will help.



  1. Hi Selen, this is looking great! I drew some notes for you. Try to minimize, slow, and delay camera moves overall.

  2. Hey Selen, its looking nice!

    When he says "that's a lie" I think the lip sync can be sharper to accent his attitude. It's probably just sharpening his jaw opening on "lie".

    Around frame-286 his upper body could use 1-2 more frames of easing in.