Monday, November 9, 2015

Bruna - Polishing

Hello guys,

so this is the point where 1- I cannot see the mistakes anymore and 2- I don't know what else I can do.

Victor, heeelp.   Lol

feedback is very much appreciated. =)


  1. Hey Bruna! One thing I noticed was that she seems to get on the motorcycle really easily without really looking at it, and it looks just the slightest bit unnatural. I would probably either have her glance down right before she kicks her leg over, or she could place her left hand on the handlebar around frame 165, where she says "Might". if she's familiar with the motorcycle, she can place a hand on it and use proprioception to tell where the rest of her body needs to go. It might also help make the shrug a little more asymmetrical after she puts the helmet on. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Bruan, this is looking really nice. I did a few notes, mostly about anticipating her actions with the eyes, and getting rid of some of the evenness of her movement.