Friday, October 30, 2015

Cody - Stick Up Polish and New Scene Ideas

Hey everyone!

I addressed all the polish notes from Wednesday night and put the cowboy shot on SyncSketch. Hopefully it's done, but let me know if there's anything left that I missed:

Also, I'm coming up with ideas for a new pantomime shot. I was told recently that my reel could use a small, subtle shot in which the character switches between internal and external acting. I've thought of a few that I like, but I'm not sure which idea will read the best, or how much context I'll need to include.

My favorite idea is a guy riding a subway/Bart, and he hears a song on his ipod that reminds him of his late wife, which triggers old memories. I think having him holding the bar above him for balance will have nice asymmetry and lead to more unique one-hand acting choices. The thing I'm not certain about with this idea is that there's not much context, so it might be hard to understand why he's getting emotional. Do you guys think this is an issue?

In case there's not enough context, I have a couple backup ideas that are a little more obvious, but could still be entertaining:

- An old man flipping through a photo album and reacting to different photos
- A man reacting to his girlfriend storming off at a restaurant after a fight

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

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  1. Hi Cody,
    Cowboy looks great. I just did a few sketches, mostly about composition. I like the idea of the guy on BART, though it may be hard to sell the audio triggering his reaction. We would have to hear the music, which might be confusing if we're looking at a guy on a subway train. Maybe he sees something on the train that triggers a memory? A billboard at the train stop, or a pair of lovers. Maybe a mom holding a child. It's a tricky sell. What if he's talking on the phone and getting some bad news? Or watching something on TV (with audio) that triggers a reaction? The photo album idea works, though now I remember that was a big moment in "Up", so it may be best to avoid.