Saturday, October 10, 2015

Two versions - Couples shot

Hey everyone!

I was wondering what you all thought about having her head turn in the shot or not when she says "nothings wrong". I know it was a note we were still deciding on in class, so here are two versions, one with the head turn and one without.

The first version was one suggestion from class where she turns away from him after "nothings wrong" rather than having her continue looking at him like my old version had, so maybe that fixed the note. The second version was the other suggestion where the head turn's completely out, which to me, made me feel like a little bit of her acting needed to change; which I only roughly did so far.

Let me know if you wanted to see my video reference or the old version again, and I can upload those too.

Version 1:

Version 2:




  1. Hey Rami! looking good man, i think i would go for the second version just make sure that her emotion is clear... also watch out for the big empty space on the screen right... it keeps calling my eye thinking that something will happen there... don't be afraid of have a full medium shot on just them two...

  2. I like both, I think they work well in different ways. Speaking purely from an acting point of view, as well as personal experience with the situation, I'd say version 1 is much more natural. I think it says a lot about their relationship that she looks him directly in the eye and says the line rather than looking away. It seems like in version 1, they've been dating a lot longer than in version 2. I think it all depends on how you think they feel about each other and what the situation was like right before the shot started.

  3. Hi Rami, thanks for showing both versions. Of these two, I prefer the 2nd, because it's simpler and it's easier for me to follow the action. In the first one I find I'm not always sure where to look, and the beats feel rushed. Good work!

  4. The 1st one has it's appeal but If I were her I wouldn't look him in the eye, I'd look away so 2nd version makes more sense to me. And I agree with Daniel with the staging/camera. Thanks for showing!