Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pantomime Ideas - Cody

Hey guys! I decided for my new assignment to do a pantomime where a character tries to perform a task while affected by internal/external circumstances. I thought of a few ideas I might like to animate today, and I was wondering if any of them stand out to you guys or if there are any I should avoid:

- A mailman tries to deliver a letter into a mailbox in super heavy wind

- A man walks into a very small bathroom in the middle of a party and wrecks everything

- A man tries to carry his groceries from his car to his house, but the sidewalk is slippery with ice

- A badass cowboy tries to enter a saloon and intimidate the other men, but his hat is too big to fit through the door

- A vampire tries to open his front door, but he realizes he forgot his keys, turns into a bat, and flies through the dog door (I like this one, but it might be a little too Hotel Transylvania-ey?)



  1. I like the first two best. What do you guys think?

  2. Hey Cody! these are cool ideas!

    I would go with the first one. For me, it has a very clear objective X problem to solve and give u room to explore more...

  3. Hey Cody! good stuff! for me the first and third where the most clear ones, maybe the second needs more clarification?

  4. You can combine 1-3 as a challenge and make him carry the box in heavy wind+slippery sidewalk :) Or just simplify and go with one of them..

  5. Hey Cody, nice ideas!

    I like the 1st and 3rd the most.