Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cody - Stick Up Polish

Hey guys!

I got a chance to address the notes for my cowboy shot tonight, and I'm hoping to get it pretty polished this week. I've been working a lot on the dialogue at the end, but is there anything else in the shot that sticks out that needs to be worked on? Let me know! Thanks!


  1. Hey Cody, its looking great!

    The only note I have is to pinch the corners of the mouth just a tiny bit more on the "your" and maybe get into the "your" mouth shape about 1 frame sooner.


  2. Cody , looks awesome!!!

    I love everything, the set etc. I wonder, what if he has a different expression at the very end (closing).
    But maybe that just me. I think you know better what is in his mind.
    Great work, man!


  3. Nice work, Cody. I did a couple of mouth shape drawings. Make sure the top lip doesn't feel like it's stuck to the top teeth during dialog. Also, the eye flare on "walked" hits a little hard. Add a little cushion to the lids opening. I'll have a couple more noodly notes on Wednesday, but this is in good shape.