Monday, October 19, 2015

FIXED MOVIES: Pantomime inspiration

Hi Class,
Here are some clips that I thought were good examples of pantomime acting.  Not only is the acting and staging very clear, but you get a good feel for the personality of the character and the stakes of the situation.

Here's a WIP by Tony Chau (I don't think he ever finished it) but I love how clear the intent of the character and the stakes of the situation are.  Password: 4animc

Here's a more serious piece of acting by Lesley Manville.   Notice the clear changes in her attitude and expression, and how she interacts with the phone.

And finally, here's a clip of Reese Witherspoon in Election.  She plays a very uptight character and notice how she reacts when things don't go her way.  Password: 4animc

See you all Wednesday!


  1. Thank you for putting this up, Victor. Awesome examples. I will change my reference.

    PS: I cannot open the 2nd one. I might the only one who got this problem.

  2. I changed the movies so they're now all embedded.