Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bruna - dialogue idea

I chose the "I'm living my life" line to animate! =)

And this is my idea for it:

She is a middle age woman/mom that put everything aside because life happened (family and kids) But now that her kids went to college, first time since a long time, she is doing something for herself, like going back to do the things she liked to do before.

So the scene is her, preparing to go on a road trip, talking to her husband that doesn't approve that decision. But she is determined that she is going.

I cut the dialogue and it is now with 7,5 sec..  
can I go for it?



  1. Hi Bruna, I like this idea. The trick will be finding changes in the performance. Most of the dialog sounds like one attitude, so you will have to work to find different kinds of subtext for her to play. Is she apologetic? Angry? Frustrated? Dismissive? Look for places to add variation.

  2. Hey Bruna,

    Just a heads up, one thing I would make sure to sell is the backstory that her kids went off to college and now she's doing something for herself because she never had the time to. Right now if I heard the dialogue and saw her packing a bag and getting on a motorcycle, I might think that she's leaving/divorcing him.

    It's a cool idea!