Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ideas - Dialog Option exploration

Hey gang!

So I tried trimming up the grandma dialog and i think I ended up cutting a lot of the stuff that I liked... is roughly 10 sec, I putted together three more options that I really like and that are about the same length, I want something that scales up and has energy.

for 2 and 4 I have basically the same idea, the italic would be my take on the subtext

Guitar player wannabe and his dad broke his instrument, or a e-pro gamer and his dad broke his computer rig

make your mark (two phrases)

(what? - surprised)
Oh great …

(i can’t believe it - confused)
Oh that is just great now

(you don’t approve? - confused angry)
what did you always tell me … 

(really? - )

(dream big - angrier)
Make your mark…

(follow dream - angrier)
 Make your mark…

(be different - angrier)
Don’t be one of the numbers

(don’t settle - angrier)
Make your mark!

I am better than that (two phrases)

(what? - surprised)
oh come on!…

(you - surprised)
If I call you up to tell ya

(would like for me to get any job?- surprised confused )
“hey dad i’m the newest assistant sub-vice president of pencil sharping
at some crappy little company”

(and you would be happy? - angry)
you’re telling me you’d think that was greeeeeaat??

(well i won’t! - serious)

I am better than that!

What do you guys think? I'm gonna be exploring the ideas for the rest of them (getting the idea, setting and situation is the most difficult thing...)

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  1. Hi Daniel, thanks for posting these. #3 is actually my favorite. It's got a nice progression from neutral to sarcastic to angry. You would need to trim it though - you can probably cut out the part about the nipples and get it down to 7 seconds or less.